Saving the Invisible Children

Joseph Kony is a demented psychopath who justifies his demonic behavior by cowering behind the guise of Christianity. It is estimated in the last 23 years Kony has kidnapped over 30,000 African children and enslaved them as foot soldiers in his Lord’s Resistance Army. Many of these children have been forced to kill their own parents and neighbors.

Val%20KilmerMore than 80,000 people gathered in 100 cities across 10 countries on April 25th 2009, to bring attention to the atrocities being committed against African children.

The protest was organized by Invisible Children; a grassroots movement from San Diego, Calif., founded by Laren Poole, Bobby Bailey and Jason Russell. Participants included Oprah Winfrey, Senator John Kerry and Senator Ted Kennedy, musician Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and actor/activist Val Kilmer, amongst numerous others.

 June 22–23, 2009, Invisible Children will host a historical two-day lobbying crusade in Washington D.C., called How It Ends. This is a huge cooperative presented by an alliance of organizations, including Invisible Children, Resolve Uganda and Enough Project.

The purpose is to urge the United States Senate and House of Representatives to pass legislation recently presented on this issue. The goal is for United States  leadership to help bring an end to the horrific crimes committed by the LRA and promote long-term recovery in the region.

If you would like to participate or want more information about How It Ends or Invisible Children, please visit the Invisible Children website.

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